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Congratulations YOU made it!
Wherever you are on your journey, it’s with my heartfelt appreciation to be a complement and a powerful catalyst to YOUR NEXT STEPS to live a celebrated, winning life that is pleasing to YOU!


GREETINGS! I am Aundrea Faye Sides.
I love people and life!


Having 12 years of experience working with thousands of people in personal sessions, I have learned esteemed and valuable tools that bring REAL positive changes and shifts within people's lives. Now I want to share them with YOU!

Being totally Intuitive and Genuine IS my Superhero Superpowers. I am here for you. You can ask or share about anything: relationships, money, career, health, love, most challenging situations, secrets (known or unknown). I am here, stable, nonjudgmental, neutral, with the ability to offer you authentic change. Whatever the challenge I will find the antidote, cut to the chase, and find the correct action. 

Through personal coaching, I will help you clear blocks and remove patterns that limit you to living a celebrated winning life that is pleasing to YOU!

As we work together and you receive, you will have empowering breakthroughs: clear negative patterns, lower vibrations, beliefs, blocks, and realities. Life improves increasingly, in a way you always knew your life is meant to be lived and felt!

Act now! Discover possibilities, access freedom and wisdom within, and live life smiling, lucid, and carefree! Unlimited abundance, wellbeing, and prosperity come naturally in this state.


Alica G.,
Business Owner & Singer, Songwriter

Aundrea is a super powerful intuitive. She is incredibly dedicated to getting to your core issue and removing the blocks that stand in your way. Her high vibe energy is infectious and her laughter and love will lift you to new heights. I’ve had several sessions with her so far and she is so good at lasering in on exactly what needs to be addressed and how to resolve it. Every time I connect with her, I always feel so seen and heard. She inspires me with her confidence and strength and I always feel amazing after we talk. Anyone looking to upgrade their life will benefit greatly from working with her!

Alica G

Cristina Pätzold.jpg

Cristina P., 
International Seminar Leader & Spiritual Coach

I love to get intuitive sessions with Aundrea Faye Sides! They have transformed my life!

She worked with a powerful art and joyful wisdom that bought me through my own self-doubt. A lifelong theme! And now I am free!

Thank you so much 🙏

Cristina P


Retired Director of the Aga Khan Education Services

Both times that we connected were intensely powerful. Your connection to nature's spirit is palpable, your expansive vibrant energy, embracing life in all its facets reflected for me the depth of your intuitive reach. Your ability to feel deeply and be authentic, your ability to laugh fully with joy, and your ability to weep deeply as you touch the fragility of your own and others struggles all make you the 'real deal'. You have a beautiful natural gift of vision, insight and profound resonance with nature and it's wisdom. Healing is your calling. I wish you joy as you share your gift with others. 💛