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It's your turn to deepen your relationship with YOURSELF, clear limited thinking, remove patterns and blocks that are limits to living a celebrated winning life that is pleasing to YOU!

With me as a Trusted Guide and Intuitive Catalyst, I will help YOU unleash unlimited possibilities, access the freedom and wisdom within, live life smiling, lucid, and carefree! Abundance and prosperity come naturally in this state. 

When you live life from a place of clarity, you can have it all: spiritual, physical, mental, psychological, and financial stability with strength.

  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    2 Private Session, 2 Live Events
    • 2 Private 1-on-1 Sessions with Aundrea Every Month- 50 mins
    • 2 LIVE Private Group Sessions- Up to 1 hr 30 mins each
    • 1 Guided Meditation to prepare you for sessions & daily use
  • Gold Membership

    Every month
    4 Private 1-on-1 Sessions with Aundrea & 2 Live Group Calls
    • 4 Private 1-on-1 Private Sessions Every Month- 50 min each
    • 2 LIVE Private Group Sessions- Up to 1 hr 30 mins each
    • 1 Guided Meditation to prepare you for sessions & daily use
  • Best Value

    Platinum Membership

    Every month
    Catalyst to Transmutation & Self Realization
    • 1 Energetic Catalytic Upgrade Session- 75 minutes
    • 2 LIVE Private Small Group Sessions with Q&A
    • 1 Written Personalized Core Pattern & Block Clearing- 3 hrs
    • 1 Guided Meditation to prepare you for sessions & daily use
    • $1388 value for $999
    • 3 month minimum commitment

Brandy Y.,
Intuitive & Energy Healer, & Sales Agent

If you have never had the great blessings to work with this lady, she is the real deal!!

She will target your self-limiting beliefs at the root and rip that sucker out. All with such love and grace. It will be the most transformative moment of your life!

Aundrea Faye Sides you are truly gifted and I am so very thankful for the time you spent with me!! I am empowered and expanded more than ever and feel that nothing can stop me now!!

Thanks from the bottom of my soul!

Brandy Y


Lara A.M., 
Pharmacist & Retreat Leader

Aundrea Faye Sides is a powerful transformative intuitive. During my session with Aundrea she tuned into ancestral trauma I was unaware that was affecting me in my personal and professional life. She powerfully helped me transmute both past life and current life patterns and blocks that have enabled me to show up authentically and confidently in my life. I feel more clear about my purpose and path since having a couple of powerful sessions with Aundrea. On the physical side of things, Aundrea again, helped me clear and transmute stubborn energy in my neck, shoulder, and sacrum area, that I have been dealing with my whole life. I feel lighter, more aligned, and more present with my body and the direction of my life since working with Aundrea. Aundrea is fun, loving, and exciting to work with. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for deep clearing, new perspectives, and powerful change.

Lara M


Jane B.,
Creative Entrepreneur

Aundrea ❤ is authentic, working with her has been a blessing. She has a unique gift of energy that has guided and drawn me forward. I recommend her to anyone looking to upgrade your life! You will be surprised and amazed with her gifts and your own transformation to live a better life. Thank You, Aundrea!!!❤ Jane B

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