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It's Valentine’s Day! Isn’t it everyday?!

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where celebrating LOVE just for one day seemed ludicrous? Like wait, you said one day right?... what?... and give that person a hug.

Love is like air... Hey, I have got an idea, let’s celebrate air and breathing for one day? Lol, just silly right?

Do you think that celebrating air or love every day or just one day a year will bring you fulfillment and joy in life? A noteworthy mention if you celebrated these two things every day what a change it would make to you, the entire planet, and the planet itself. LOVE is as important as AIR/OXGYEN/BREATHING. Really. Without it it’s just a painful existence, drawn-out, painful, delayed, then death.

Just try it on for a minute, how about commercializing air for one day? Ridiculous right? Would everyone go out and buy oxygen masks for themselves or each other. Lol… ok you get my point.

What does real love feel like to you?

Are you living a life where self-love is ranked with absolute importance? As important as family, money, career?

Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 ask do I:

  • Live life in alignment with my soul purpose, life mission…authentically?

  • Have a deep and clear understanding of my desires and wants, and know how clear roadblocks that are on the way to fruition?

  • Feel genuine care about myself to live a life fulfilled?

  • Feel good in general and know what healthy self-love feels like?

  • Do things I like every day with love with enjoyment?

  • Learning and growing and know how to celebrate myself?

  • Trusting my Intuition?

So if you are not positively deepening the relationship with self what are we asking from others? From loved ones, children, spouses, mates, etcetera? Do you fill in with healthy authentic love? Or constantly reaching outward feeling constant disappointment, conflict, distraction, or unworthiness?

All relationships reflect self. I know you have heard it a thousand times, but the real truth is a lot of people lack the tools of paving a stable and wide road of- SELF LOVE.

Make a bold change and take action now. The first 14 people get 40% off any of my Private Sessions for today, February 14, 2022. You will start learning tools that really work to live a life fulfilled with wishes granted! CODE: Attuned2Love

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