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Did you grow up in a household or family that believed sacrifice was a virtue? Then they silently accused you of being the one they had to sacrifice themselves or things for? Family, friends, or authority figures around you, literally teaching you, even without words, energetically that love equaled to giving your power away, best to do things to appease others, not to trust your intuition. You have to lose something valuable to get something back. Trading yourself in little by little, to what already exists. You must suck it up because that's the way life works. Being accused then minimalized because you were just being you? Did you pass these beliefs and energy along to others by default? Was it because you didn't have real tools to permanently change?

This kind of "sacrificing" energy can develop into frequent issues and patterns of shame and unworthiness.

HA! I will tell you there is another way! My monthly Intuitive Lifestyle Coaching will assist you in clearing stories and patterns like these.

What would it take for you to own your power and unique contribution within the world by being you?

What would it feel like to accept and approve of yourself unapologetically?

Your life is meant to be KNOWN, HONORED, and PLENTIFUL. Showing up as yourself is enough to create an abundant life, well-lived! Now that's an amazing example and energy to teach children, friends & family! Take action to cause change!

With love, Aundrea

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