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The Connection between Psycho-Energetics and Physical Design


Feeling good in your body and improving your physical health, whether today, over a period of 5 years, or for the rest of your life... can you put a value on that?

How would it change your life NOW, to make lasting changes in your thinking and emotions, influencing your health positively? Not later, but now is the time to make changes in your physical body and the way you feel! You deserve to feel vibrant, clear, and focused- ALIVE!

Nagging pains, mental fog, tiredness, and reoccurring physical symptoms are from energy patterns of trauma, drama, and unfulfilled needs and desires... amongst other things. This energy is blocked and wants to be acknowledged, expressed, and moved.

Wouldn't it be awesome to empower yourself to get clear, remove and move these uncomfortable pains and boost your well-being so that you feel optimal in your body and life? It is absolutely possible, and it can happen now!

Hi, I am Aundrea- I intuit a person's holistic dynamics and offer a clear perspective and energetic upgrade to create a more harmonious and balanced connection between a person's Psychoenergetics and Physical Design. My life's work is as a Spiritual Catalyst and Intuitive Energy Coach.

We will define and focus on 1-2 Major places where your body has weakened from negative thinking and emotional patterns. We will change the energy resulting in real solutions, clarity, and relief.

The session is 90 minutes to 2.5 hours with a small break. Before your session, you will get a 20-minute introductory session and a personalized meditation to prepare for our private session.

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