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Relax. During your sessions, I will use my Intuition to sense your general energy. My supernatural abilities allow me to see your unique attributes, as well as your patterns and blocks.

We will focus together on what will give you the most benefit right now, defining the root cause of your most significant block(s), what the energies are, and releasing those. You will receive an energy upgrade.

When you are clear and upgraded, you feel alive, possibilities are known, new perspectives realized, action is natural and inspired. You get where you want to go quicker. Brilliant, right?


Now, are you ready to say YOU? Your decisions to live a life that is pleasing to you can advance now, it’s up to you. 

Ask yourself these powerful questions. Answer with a honest value amount:

Feeling good, having clarity, more happiness? $__________
Harmonious relationships? $_________
Creating things quickly, like prosperity? $_________
Living a life smiling, lucid, & carefree? $_________
Trusing your Intuition to guide you 100% __________

Let’s clear the energy that stops you from having a fulfilled life, with wishes granted!

Note all sessions with Aundrea: 1-on-1 Private Sessions, Energetic Catalytic Upgrade Sessions, and Group Sessions are transmitted over the phone or the internet via web conferencing.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Kaili Sanchez_edited.jpg

Kaili S.,
Realtor & Investor

I have to share the amazing transformation that has happened both times I have done energy work with Aundrea Faye Sides. Her vibration uplifted my soul from a place that needed to have light shining on it to let it go. I felt empowered, vibrant, and energized to take all the next steps to be my authentic self. She cut through all the “noise” and zoomed straight to the “truth”

Such a powerful experience and I can want to continue the process! I would recommend any opportunity you have to work together!


Joanna R.,
Feng Shui Home Staging, Realtor, and Coach Practitioner

Aundrea adds so much value. With countless one on one sessions as well as group clearing sessions, the healing she offers can move a mountain. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get unstuck or heal their deep emotional blocks.

Heather Botarelli McGarry.jpg

Heather B-MCG.


Aundrea is very gifted at clearing energy, and especially clear in her mind’s-eye visual interpretations. She feels the power and the nuances of different energies, which is particularly helpful when clearing issues that involve a client’s numbness. Having Aundrea’s observations was instrumental in allowing a deeper layer of my own issues to clear, and I feel much lighter and freer now than I did before my session with her. Thank you, Aundrea!


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